Alexis’s Story

Hello!  I’m Alexis McCue,
owner and founder of Sugar Makery.

My dad ‘Big John’ Wright had been a restaurant owner and growing up in his restaurants taught me many things about how to treat customers right and create a great customer experience. Late in life dad became interested in candy making as a hobby. 

When dad was receiving treatments for cancer he would make Almond Butter Toffee to take to his nurses to make up for his orneriness!

When dad was nearing the end of his battle with cancer, I asked dad if he would like for me to learn how to make his Toffee and to bring to his nurses to thank them for the compassion and care he had received from them.  Dad passed on January 3, 2012.  After his passing it took me three months to emotionally be ready to make his toffee for his nurses. It was in making the toffee that I discovered my passion for candy making!  I felt so inspired in making that toffee and in seeing the joy from others!

For several years I attended craft fairs selling candy and treats while still working my 9-5 corporate job.  I dreamed of one day opening a candy store – not just a plain boring store but an ‘experience’ for customers that would take them back to their childhood and make them feel happy – just walking through the door.  I dreamed big dreams but never thought it would actually become a reality – but it did!

In January 2017 faced with a dilemma of moving away from family to maintain my corporate career or making a new career.  My now husband encouraged me – that since I have dreamed of opening a candy store.. and I needed a job anyway, why wait?  You only live once and you don’t live that long, so just do it.

On August 17, 2017 with the help of my husband, we opened Sugar Makery!

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